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Upholstery Cleaning Services from the Experts

Upholstery furniture plays a fundamental role in sustaining the character and personality of every home or décor. The style, color, and aesthetics can appeal to the spaces that will only come to life when the upholstery is bright, stain-free, and clean. At Concord Carpet Cleaning, our expert upholstery cleaning services will give your upholstered furnishings the best appearance. No matter the kind of furniture you have, our complete upholstery cleaning process will provide the material a fresh look, eliminate dust buildup, and allergens that compromise your comfort. Also, the cleaning process will eliminate all stains that alter the appeal of your house.

Upholstery Furniture Cleaning service

The seasoned professionals at Concord Carpet Cleaning company have learned to stick to a particular cleaning protocol that we utilize for all professional upholstery cleaning services in Concord, CA. It becomes the reason for which you should rely on our outstanding service every single time you need upholstery cleaning. However, it’s only one of the many and various services that we provide to help you maintain every area of your home fresh, clean, allergen-free, and comfortable.

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning We Service

Our professional upholstery cleaning experts will give back your upholstered furniture the charm and appearance they once had. Here are the types of furniture we promise to clean:

Our upholstery cleaning specialists are masters in cleaning any upholstery fabric.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

At Concord Carpet Cleaning Company, we utilized a particular two-step cleaning procedure to give your upholstery a new look:

Step 1: Deep Cleaning

We utilize a particularly formulated deep-cleaning and sanitizing solution that will loosen grime, dirt, any embedded substances, and break down tiny stains. They’re the reason for which your upholstery has a grimy and dirty look.

Step 2: pH-Balancing Rinse

Our special ph-balanced fiber rinse will not affect the upholstery's integrity, and it will eliminate grime, dirt, cleaning solution residue. The process will leave your upholstered furniture smelling fresh and clean without damaging its appearance.

Our Specialty Upholstery Cleaning Services and Treatments

Here are the treatments and outstanding cleaning services that we provide:

  • Sanitizing
  • Removal of spots and stain
  • Dry/steam cleaning
  • Treatment for pet odor
  • Deodorizing
  • Disinfection
  • Application of Scotchguard protector
  • Cleaning and rejuvenation of leather
  • Removal of mildew

Reliable service

Choose from Our Deep Upholstery Cleaning or Dust-Down

When you have pets, our services will be more than satisfactory. No matter if we ensure a total deep cleaning to eliminate pet odors, unattractive smells, or sanitizing the upholstery, we will provide the upholstered furniture a detailed dust-down between deep steam cleanings. The process will also eliminate profoundly embedded grime and dirt, leaving the furniture looking and smelling incredible. The accurate dust-down will also remove all pollen, animal dander, dust mites, and dust from the furniture, along with particulate matter that collects in the furniture over the years.

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