8 Secrets from the Carpet Cleaning Professionals

No matter how many new materials made it to the residential flooring (laminate, tile, vinyl, bamboo, and so on), carpets are still widely used. Warm and comfortable, carpets will never go away even if stains can drive homeowners crazy at times. Regular vacuuming and occasional deep-clean scrubbing keep your carpets nice and fresh, but what should you do when stains happen? Truth be told, the risk for you or someone else in the house (human or animal) to make a stain on the beautiful heirloom rug is never null.

If you’re not determined to call the professionals for carpet cleaning and instead look for some tips to make your carpets look bright and fresh again, our advice will come in handy. We’ve asked the professionals at Carpet Cleaners Concord to share some tips with us; keep in mind that you may never have the equipment and supplies they use for cleaning.

1. Club soda has miraculous powers

As long as you’re using it right, club soda can help you remove anything from beer to the infamous red wine. You need to pour it onto a clean cloth and blot the stain. Add more club soda if you see the stain is getting lighter. If it doesn’t seem to work, add some white vinegar and water (one-to-one ratio), and spray it over the stain. Let it work for 15 minutes, and press a dry sponge to soak up the cleaning solution.

You can use some warm water for rinsing and place some paper towels to absorb all moisture. The carpet has to dry completely.

2. Do you have shaving cream around the house?

It sounds incredible, but shaving cream can remove almost any kind of stain. Apply it straight to the stain and let it work for half an hour. Blot it up with a dry cloth afterward and finish spraying a mixture of white vinegar and water (50/50 mix), wiping the excess with a cloth.

3. We all have dish soap

Grease spills make some of the trickiest stains to remove from your carpets, but only if you’re not using the proper method and supply. Put a couple of drops of grease-cutting dish soap into some warm water, and stir until the soap dissolves. Spray the solution and blot it up with paper towels or cloth afterward. The size and age of the stain affect the method’s efficiency, and you may have to repeat the process to get results.

4. Hydrogen peroxide

Blood is one of the biggest challenges for cleaning, even for professionals. You need to loosen up the dried blood with some water and mild detergent. Use a butter knife to scrape off as much blood as possible. Apply hydrogen peroxide right on the stain; it will start foaming and fizzing, so be prepared. Please give it a couple of minutes before you blot it up with paper towels or a cotton cloth (preferably white).

5. Ice cubes

Something as harmless as chewing gum can give you a terrible headache when it gets stuck on your carpet. Grab a couple of ice cubes and press them against the dried gum for 45 seconds. Once the gum becomes frozen, lift it with a spoon and cut the carpet strands with scissors or a sharp knife. Needless to say, you need to cut as close as possible to the gum. You won’t see the spot if you only cut a tiny piece of the carpet.

6. Heat the hardened wax

We all like a romantic night any now and then, and you can’t have one without lighting up some candles. However, the risk for some wax to drip onto your carpet is never null; we all know that wax hardens and gets embedded in the fibers almost instantly. You may bring the wax to the semi-liquid state by heating it and removing it after. Place a white cloth over the stain and iron it on a “no-steam” setting. Use a butter knife to scrape off the softened wax from the rug.

7. Go organic on pet accidents

Pets are wonderful on so many levels, but sooner or later they will cause accidents. You should clean those accidents with organic cleaners and not harsh chemicals. Spray the cleaner of your choice right on the stain, scrub and wipe it with a cloth or paper towels. Many of the organic cleaners will work for most stains, coffee and sauces included.

8. You can remove candy crushed

Just like pets will eventually have accidents on your carpet, your children will drop some candies on the floor and forget all about it. Get a butter knife and try to scrape it out. Continue with dipping a sponge in water with mild soap and soak the area. You need to remove all sugar because otherwise, it will attract debris and dirt easier than surrounding areas.

A fair conclusion

It’s not impossible to clean your carpets without help from professionals. Even if you don’t have all the specialized equipment, commercial-grade cleaning solutions, or professionals’ skills, who says that you cannot remove a coffee stain from the carpet? But if you want your rug to be bright and clean for a long time, hiring the experts for deep-clean any now and then is a wise decision.


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