Area Rug Cleaning Services

Our professional rug cleaning services

Our experienced rug cleaning experts at Concord CA Carpet Cleaners will ensure impressively professional cleaning services for area rugs of all kinds and fabrics. Our professionals will carefully treat your regular, machine-made rugs and delicate and precious handmade heirlooms alike without affecting your pieces' aesthetics and integrity.  The deep and thorough cleaning will preserve color, structure, and design, restoring your rugs' bright tones and brightness. To help our experts obtain the best results, we developed a modern and one-of-a-kind rug cleaning facility in Concord, CA, which includes all necessary equipment and supplies for every rug cleaning procedure step.

No matter the kind of area rugs you have, our rug cleaning professionals at Concord CA Carpet Cleaning, Inc. Will have the training to complete the job. Whether it's Oriental, Persian, or handmade antique precious rugs or modern hand and machine-made types, our experts will carefully manage your rugs. The expert area rug cleaning in Concord CA and other similar services we provide at Concord CA Carpet Cleaning have been evolved over the years to maintain area rugs in the best shape, improving both their looks and durability.

Types of Area Oriental We Service

We provide cleaning for all kinds of machine-made and hand-crafted area rugs, such as:

  • Indian rugs
  • Persian oriental rugs
  • Afghani rugs
  • Turkish rugs
  • Pakistani rugs
  • Dhurrie rugs
  • Moroccan rugs
  • Antique rugs
  • Silk rugs
  • Oriental rugs
Area Oriental Rug Cleaning Services in Concord CA

Our Comprehensive Services Keep Your Area Rugs Looking Their Best

A comprehensive list of area rug cleaning services

Our professionals don't deliver just impressive area rug cleaning services in Concord, CA; they also complete area rug care protocols for renewing, restoring, or preserving the initial beauty of your rugs. Your house will look incredible too. Here are the area rug cleaning services that we ensure:

  • Thorough and deep vacuuming
  • Regular area rug cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Deodorization
  • Removal of stains and spots
  • Removal of pet odor and stains
  • Repair and re-fringing of area rug
  • Application of Scotchguard protector treatment
  • Free delivery and pickup
Oriental Area Rug Cleaning

Free Area Rug Pickup & Delivery Start & End the Process

At Concord CA Carpet Cleaning Company, we provide free delivery and picky of your oriental rug, no matter where you are, within our service zone. A qualified oriental rug cleaning professional will come to your place and carefully examine, prepare, and take the rug to our cleaning facility. Once your rug is cleaned, we will safely return it to your house.

Our rug cleaning procedure detailed

The rug cleaning methods we utilized at Concord CA Carpet Cleaning are made to split grime, soil, dirt, or particulate matter from the rug’s fibers, removing them forever. We only use an industry-recognized and well-founded step by step method to obtain the best results.

Our rug cleaning specialists will meticulously follow the next rug cleaning protocol:

  • Initial examination – Throughout the primary examination, we will establish how intensely the rug is, if there are stains or not, and other particular aspects that we should address throughout the rug cleaning.
  • Thorough dusting – We will use automated dusting equipment to loosen and eliminate the solid debris and ground-in dirt collected in your rug in time.
  • Pre-treatment and pre-cleaning – We continue the process with a professional spot-erasing treatment that prepares the rug’s fibers for the later stain removal throughout cleaning. While we’re doing this step, we will also pre-clean zones that are intensely soiled as they’re located in heavily trafficked areas in the house.
  • Rug cleaning and agitation – we shall utilize a combination of cleaning solution and hot water to dissolve the soil and loosen the grime to separate from the fibers through agitation. It’s an important step to take for later removal.
  • Extracting water and soil – We will utilize a highly effective extractor to absorb the soil, water, and cleaning solution from the rug. Due to the procedure, we will be able to clean both sides of the rug to complete the cleaning. The method will eliminate most water, which speeds up the drying process.
  • Attentive grooming – The process continues by using specific grooming tools for restoring the natural appearance of the rug's nap. The step is essential for the best results after drying.
  • Climate-controlled drying phase – The climate-controlled drying chamber (it’s very modern) will end the job, evaporating any left moisture from the rug and completing the drying process in less than 24 hours.
  • Final examination and delivery – As we’re completing the cleaning service, we examine your rug one last time to ensure that the results match our highest standards. As long as we’re happy with the results, we will roll, wrap, and arrange the clean, bright, and beautiful rug to deliver it to your house.

Our impressive expert rug cleaning facility

We have created a modern and impressive rug cleaning facility, which is entirely equipped to sustain every rug cleaning procedure step. Our cleaning facility is wholly equipped with the most modern equipment and products to provide deep cleaning for your rugs while renewing the vibrant colors and appearance.

Free Area Rug Pickup & Delivery Start & End the procedure

At Concord CA Carpet Cleaning Company, we provide free pickup and delivery of the oriental rug, as long as you are within our service zone. You will decide when our experienced oriental rug cleaning professionals can come to your place to carefully examine, prepare, and transport your rug to our facility. After cleaning, they will deliver it back to your house.

What happens during the rug cleaning service meeting

After you've decided to meet with our area rug cleaning experts, they will pay you a visit when you choose and go over the details. After permitting them, they will arrange for the rug to be carried to our incredible cleaning facility. There, the carpet will go through preparation, cleaning, grooming, and drying procedures. When the process is over, we will take the rug back to your house, all nice, clean, and in perfect condition. Our professionals will place the rug back in its place as you carefully examine it once more to eliminate all questions or worries about the cleaning process.

Our primary purpose is your 100%satisfaction. Our cleaning experts will always carefully handle your handmade, antique, and fragile area rugs. Give us a call today and allow our professionals to help your area rugs look new once again!

Personalized & Efficient Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You should expect customized service from the moment you call us to plan a meeting to the moment we complete the area rug cleaning service, as we safely return and reinstall your rug back into your house. Our professionals are always ready to help and to provide the best cleaning services. Should you require additional services, like area rug pads for a hardwood floor or oriental rug repair, we will benefit from the oriental rug cleaning service. You will be surprised to see how every job is thoroughly addressed and accomplished.

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