10 Challenges with Carpet Cleaning – Are You up for Them?

Even though it’s not impossible, not all people use carpets in their homes without carpets. Rugs provide warmth and comfort to our feet and become decorative accents when used right. Even if we clean them almost every day, they still accumulate dirt and require deep cleaning every 6 to 12 months.

Some people dare and clean carpets on their own, but the results are rarely as excellent as when it’s the professionals such as Concord Carpet Cleaners doing the cleaning. If you think you’re ready to give your carpets a deep cleaning, you should read about the most common challenges that carpet cleaning brings to the table. You might change your mind about doing it yourself after all.

1. Ripping

While you’re cleaning the carpets, all the strong chemical cleaning products and rough methods could rip your carpet. Accidentally ripping a significant area of your carpet could send you back in store for shopping for a new rug; you will end up spending more than you would have paid for hiring the professional cleaners.

If you plan to clean carpets on your own, you need to do due diligence about it and learn about fibers, cleaning methods, and cleaning solutions you can use. Some of them are bad for your carpet, so that ripping might happen.

2. Over-wetting

When cleaning carpets, over-wetting is one of the most challenging problems to solve. It’s relatively common for non-professionals to over-wet the carpet while cleaning it. You have to use enough water for the machine to recover, but don’t over-wet the carpet. Easier said than done, right?

When you’re over wetting the carpet, the excess detergents will attract more soil and grit, so cleaning the carpet becomes almost useless.

3. Browning the carpet

If you’ve tried to clean your carpet before, you might have experienced a brown spot right after cleaning. Carpet wicking is the cause for the brown area and happens when a rug stain is embedded on the carpet fibers.

If the carpet’s fibers get moist, the stain will come up to the surface; experienced professional cleaners will know how to manage the carpet wicking and browning.

A spot treatment could help with the browning, and you can avoid it in the future by regularly cleaning the carpets.

4. Furniture stains

Furniture can stain the carpets because they’re constantly in contact, and the stains are difficult to remove. Most of the time, professional cleaning will give the best results.

If you don’t want to call the professionals any time soon or have managed to remove furniture stains, you should use some plastic tabs to lower the risk of future furniture stains.

5. Carpet shrinking

The risk of carpet shrinking is rarely null when you’re cleaning the carpets on your own. As a matter of fact, the risk is high even when inexperienced professionals are doing to cleaning, using the equipment, and cleaning solutions all wrong.

Too much heat or too much water used during cleaning can lead to carpet shrinking. Wrong cleaning techniques can damage the carpet’s natural fibers, shrinking them. You have to avoid the abrasive procedures that could ruin the carpet.

6. Damaging the carpet

Carpets are made to withstand excessive amounts of vacuuming, so they should take deep cleaning procedures rather well. Vacuums are very aggressive, though, and you should use the most appropriate vacuum for your carpets. You want it to extract all dirt built up in the deep fibers without ruing the carpet.

The good news is that professional cleaners use the best vacuum cleaner for your carpet, removing deeply embedded dirt and not damaging the carpet too.

7. Shedding and fluffing

When your carpet is relatively new and you want to clean it, the risk of shedding or fluffing is essential. New carpets are prone to shedding, and carefully vacuuming will stop the small fluff balls of carpet from occurring.

8. Fast re-soiling

Have you recently cleaned the carpet and noticed that it’s all dirty again? When you use the wrong cleaning products for your carpet or too much carpet cleaner, the carpet will re-soil faster.

Experienced and skilled professional cleaners will know which products and methods to use for cleaning the carpets so that they remain clean for a long time.

9. Color fading

The types of fibers used for carpets are numerous, and each has its risks of fading from exposure to sunlight. The dyes used for carpets are also sensitive to chemicals and substances, and can fade in time.

Re-dyeing the carpet is possible, but you should always leave it to the professionals. As a matter of fact, you should leave any problem related to the structure, color, or appearance of your carpet to the professionals.

10. Split seam and tear

Carpets placed in areas with high foot traffic can have unruly carpet seams. Once carpet seams appear, carpet fraying will come next. You need to glue down the frayed edges so that they don’t rip apart. It’s not a permanent solution, though, so contact an expert carpet repair to solve the problem.

Instead of a conclusion

If none of these problems scare you, you should go ahead with cleaning your carpets. No matter how confident you are, play it safe and look for reliable professional carpet cleaners within your area. You never know when you’ll need them!

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